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Three generations of Capri under one roof…

Sports Capris since 1969

Since the company was founded by Harry Weslake in 1969, it has become the recognised specialist for the preparation and replication of performance Capris. In its early days, Weslake worked closely with Ford Cologne to help achieve the car’s now legendary motorsport success. Now in the skillful hands of performance engine specialist and life-long Capri enthusiast Ric Wood, who brings with him his highly respected engineering operation Ric Wood Motorsports, Weslake-Capri now possesses an unrivaled, in-depth knowledge of what it takes to make the best and most original race and rally versions of Ford’s most famous sports coupé.

Cologne Capri 2300GT

Group 2: 2.3-litre V6 – race
Group 5: 2.3-litre V6 – tarmac rally & race
Group 6: 2.6-litre V6 – tarmac rally & race

Cologne Capri RS2600

Group 2: 2.6, 2.8 & 3.0-litre V6 – race

Our services include:

  • Motorsport preparation
  • Complete car builds
  • Race engines
  • Cylinder heads
  • Transmissions
  • Dyno tuning
  • Engineering

If you would like to find out more about our services and talk to us about Weslake Capris, we would be pleased to hear from you:

P: +44 (0)161 483 4810
F: +44 (0)161 483 6817

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