Weslake Capri

Engine Components

Weslake V6 Timing Gear

Aluminium Weslake timing gear for the V6 motor.

£ POA 

Weslake V6 Steel Flywheel 

Race specification steel flywheel made for heavy duty applications . Used widely in road and race Weslake engines


Weslake V6 Conrod Set

Made for Weslake-Capri  V6 engines  to exacting standards . Utilizes custom ARP2000 fasteners .

£ POA 

Weslake V6  Piston set

Using the latest manufacturing techniques theses pistons are designed for high performance applications from Fast road to full race engines.

£ POA 

Weslake V6 Engine Bearing Set

High performance bearings as used in all Weslake-Capri motors . Be sure to fit and use the proven grade bearings for your Weslake engine .

Prices vary. Please call for a quotation

Weslake V6 Dry Sump System

Supplied with billet sump and high grade  dry sump pump system. A must for any serious motor build.

Price £ POA

Weslake V6 Alloy Front Cover Plate 

A brand new cast aluminium  front cover machined using the latest CNC machinery. Fits all Weslake V6 engine and also 2.8 Capri engines .